Pick up lines to hit on male surfers

kelly slater body

Pick up lines are usually used by men to pick up women.  They’re often ridiculous and pretty sleazy.  But here at Kookbitches we want to change that, and empower women with the confidence to throw out a few ice-breakers.  Because let’s be honest ‘do you come here often?’ might not cut the mustard with the guy who’s focusing on getting a few barrels before the office.  Male surfers are a particular breed, and they need to be approached in a particular way.  Try to keep it relaxed and natural and not planned.   None of these lines have actually worked for me, but don’t let that put you off….

1)      Nice wave!

Males of the species need recognition.  They love to know that their efforts are being witnessed.   This simple acknowledgement of their good wave makes them feel at ease and boosts their ego

2)      You’ve got great style when you surf

The good thing about this line is that it can be used on every kind of male surfer from total beginner to pro.  Even male beginners with terrible poo stance will believe that they have a similar surf style to Tom Curren or Craig Anderson.

3)      What kind of board do you have there?

This is an effective way of getting a guy to open up to you.  He will gladly tell you all about the dimensions, where he got it from, how long he’s had it, and how it rides.  Pretend to be interested because he probably thinks very highly of his board even if it’s a heap of shit.

4)      Do you know if the waves are forecast to get better tomorrow?

Another way of starting an open ended conversation.  It will allow him to show his ocean knowledge prowess.  It can segway into what he’s doing at the weekend.

5)      I’ve got some frosty beers in my cooler on the beach.  Do you want one?

If he doesn’t fall for this one then he’s not worth pursuing.   Never ever trust a man that doesn’t drink beer.

6)      How many camels can I buy you for?

This one only really works when surfing in the African continent, where in some cultures a dowry is required by the bride’s family.  It’s a playful reversal of male female roles and he should be impressed with your sense of humour.

7)      Hi, do you speak English?  Wow, so do I …..

At least he won’t be intimidated by you.

8)      What hotel are you staying at?

Can you hear the sound of the bottoms of barrels being scraped?  But I’ve overheard lots of guys using it on girls, so at least they’ll understand what you’re getting at.

9)      Your eyes are like the sunset … beautiful and hard to turn away from

Ok, I had to include a least one cheesy pick up line.  But who doesn’t want to hear that they’ve got nice eyes?  And talking of eye candy…

Kelly Slater eyes


  1. Jerry

    It’s not so much about what you say, it’s the energy you have when you say it that is hot. A simple “Hi!” can be hot with the right energy. In your case, you clearly have a low opinion of men, and that will come across in your energy. Which results in quality men running the other way. Only low quality men will be desperate enough to date a woman with a low opinion of men, leading to a vicious circle of reinforcing your low opinion of men.
    PS – obviously, you can switch this around and substitute “men” with “women”, as there are men with this exact same problem of having a low opinion of women.
    PPS – That all said, yes, an opening line that naturally gets the other person talking about something they love, is a good start! Just get rid of the “Even male beginners with terrible poo stance will believe…” attitude, and you will kill it. Good luck.


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