I shoved a rubber cup up my vagina, and then I went surfing

menstrual cup

I never thought I’d feel so passionately about periods.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about the cramps, bloatedness, diarrhea and general blah-ness that periods bring.  Discovering the menstrual cup was almost life-changing for me.  Ever since then I’ve considered myself something of a menstrual cup missionary, spreading the good news to friends and anyone else who will listen to me.

So first the nitty gritty.  The menstrual cup is a silicon cup which you stick up your hoo-ha during your period, and it collects the blood.  You can leave it there for up to 12 hours and then you squeeze it like it’s a taco and gently take it out.  Next just dump the blood down the toilet, and put the cup back up there.  There are many reasons why I love my menstrual cup, but I’ve limited myself to my top five favourite reasons.

  • Because why wouldn’t I want to make my life easier? One menstrual cup can last you up to a decade.  No more late night runs to the supermarket, or scamming one off your co-workers.  For women with an active and outdoors lifestyle they are a godsend, no more stashing tampons and pads on the beach or fiddling around with wrappers and applicators.  And you don’t have to worry about that pesky white string hanging out of your bikini bottoms.
  • They’re good for the environment. Think of all those used tampons and sanitary pads going to landfill.  Instead with the menstrual cup you just flush the blood down the toilet.
  • They’re good for your wallet. One menstrual cup costs around $30 to $50 and will last years.  I’ve been rocking mine for the past 8 years, so I’ve saved myself a small fortune.  Of course the tampon manufacturers aren’t too stoked to promote menstrual cups, they would much rather market a product they can sell to women once a month, instead of once a decade.
  • I’m a heavy flow kinda girl and the menstrual cup suits me because it holds a lot more blood than a tampon. On my heaviest days I used to have to change my tampon every one to two hours.  Surf sessions had to be cut short because there was a red tide forming around me.  Now I can just stick the cup up there and forget about it for hours.
  • Tampons and sanitary pads can contain nasty dyes and BPAs (I’m not sure what BPAs are, but they don’t sound healthy). I admit I’m a bit of tree-hugger, but surely no one wants to have their sensitive lady bits exposed to chemicals.

So that’s my ode to menstrual cups.  Of course what works for some, may not work for others.  It did take me a few goes to get accustomed to it.  It’s important to note that the menstrual cup sits lower down the vagina than a tampon.  One time I had to rush home because I suddenly looked like a crime scene.  But that only happened once at the beginning, now I’m a total convert and I haven’t bought a tampon in years.

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