How to pop up like Carissa Moore

It all starts with a good pop up.  First impressions count.  Imagine if you showed up for a first date and said “hello, I have bad breath and I never shower or bath”.  Or what about if you arrived at a job interview and said “I’m really workshy”.  It’s the same with surfing, if your pop up is below par then the rest of your surfing is likely to suffer.  Take a look at Carissa Moore’s pop up for a master class in how it’s done….

Burn this image into your retina…..

Here’s what I love about her pop up…

  • Her head stays completely still throughout the entire pop up. Her eyes are focused on where she wants to go and she never glances down or looks at her surfboard
  • Her hand placement. Her hands are flat on the board and right back by her ribs
  • She extends her arms fully and creates lots of space under her chest for the front leg
  • She twists 90 degrees with her lower body and pulls the front knee into the chest
  • Both feet land on the board at the same time.  Don’t stress about this too much if you are a beginner, what’s more important is that both feet end up on the stringer (the line which runs down the centre of the board)
  • The whole movement is very smooth.  There’s a sense of commitment to it, no anxiety or jerkiness or pullback-itus
  • After her feet land on the board she stays low in the surfer’s crouch
  • Initially she puts most of her weight on her front foot (the anchor) and then she transfers some weight on the back foot as she anticipates pulling into the barrel.
  • Both knees are bent, especially the back knee which is dropping down towards the stringer
  • After she pops up the shoulders and arms look relaxed with no tension. Limp wrists
  • Both arms come in front of the body, Neanderthal style

If you want to watch the full video that I snazzled the clip from, here is the youtube link….

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