How to get Steph Gilmore’s stylish surf stance

A bad surfing stance doesn’t just spoil your wave.  It can ruin the session.  Thus your whole day is spoilt.  And before you know it your ENTIRE LIFE could be destroyed.  So it’s worth spending some time working on getting a good stance.  Steph Gilmore is generally regarded as having the most stylish stance on the women’s surf tour.  Watch this 3 minute video of her best bits….

Here’s what I love about Steph’s stance….

  • Relaxed upper body. Look at how loose her shoulders, arms and hands are.  The wrists are limp and even her fingers are soft.  There’s no tension, she’s not wearing her shoulders as earrings.  Often our natural instinct when we are surfing is to tense up and be stiff.  But practice the valium upper body and you’ll be amazed at what it does to your overall balance and ability to do turns
  • She squeezes the watermelon. Knees coming in.  Her knees aren’t just bent, they’re also tracking in towards each other.  A good tip for beginners to achieve this is to imagine you are surfing whilst holding a watermelon between your knees and you have to squeeze it.  Bringing your knees in like this will allow you to make weight transitions between the front and back foot.  If your knees are going out like a ballerina doing a plie squat then your weight will get stuck over the middle of the board.  Steph’s back knee drops down towards the stringer
  • Head up looking forward. She’s looking at the wave, not her board.
  • Hips tucked under, she’s not sticking her butt out
  • Feet slap bang on the stringer, and the back foot on the tail pad (except when she’s getting barreled)
  • Chest facing forward towards the nose of the board with the right arm over the right rail, and the left arm over the left rail.
  • She always looks like she’s having fun and enjoying herself and this translates into her surfing

If there’s a surfer you really like, try to emulate their style. It’s impossible for the human body to make a direct copy, so you’ll make it your own.  Remember, even The Beatles started off as a cover band.  And don’t forget to have fun!

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