Kookbitches is on YouTube


I love YouTube.  I love watching pandas going down slides, cats stealing dogs’ beds, and Carissa Moore (who’s been one of my longest held imaginary friends) ripping up the waves.  Whenever I feel sad I watch the Wham! ‘I’m Your Man’ video on youtube.  There’s something wonderfully comforting about watching George Michael spanking his own arse with a tambourine.  So of course I had to have a kookbitches YouTube channel…

The following would not have been possible without finishing off the Christmas Tia Maria, an heck of a lot of cheese toasties, and a giant bottle of ‘Serenity Now! Calming Dog Chews’ on my bedside table (admittedly they are for canines, but they seem to work on humans too).  Mentioned in dispatches are Rachael Teede and Ale Munoz for their filming, unflappable patience levels, and reassurances that my hair wasn’t frizzing up …




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