How to Turtle Roll video

I made my first foray into making YouTube videos two years ago. At that time I was shocked by my lack of screen presence, one out of ten charisma levels, and dismal hair cut.  But two years later a lot has changed – mainly I’m just older and fatter.  Also I’ve grown out the ill-advised bangs.  But luckily I’ve held onto my trademark awkward delivery style.

I made these videos for the surf camp where I work, Pura Vida Adventures and somehow I’ve managed not to get fired so hopefully you will like them.  This first one is about the turtle roll, and I apologise for the bossy headmistress tone in this but it’s because I get a bit pissed off when people in front of me ditch their boards.

If you like watching people squinting into the sun, then this next video is for you!

If you want to be a good surfer then you have to be a good paddler.  Here are my top ten paddling tips…

I’ve made a ‘how to pop up’ video before, but I think this one is better.  It’s aimed at beginner surfers, so if you’re regularly charging it at Pipeline then I’m afraid you’re in the wrong place…

If I look ill in this next one, it’s because I am!  The day after filming it I was struck down with a dreaded lurgy and had to stay in bed for days.

There were a lot of LOLs when I was putting this one together in the run up to Christmas.  Thankyou to all the good sports who feature in it…


So that’s it.  Big shout out to the videographer Rebecca Bly for her indefatigable patience and putting up with me when I say things like “can we do take 13”.

Next month I’m aiming to return to my usual smattering of nonsense with ‘How NOT to be a surf goddess’.  Till next time xx

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