Helen started surfing late in life, but was determined not to let that late start, nor a remarkable absence of natural talent, stop her. An obsessive geek she likes watching Kelly Slater in slow motion, cross-referencing swell forecasts, and wondering if she’ll ever get her back foot in the right place. She is a lowly minion in the surf industry, tapping away at the coal face, teaching people to pop up on the lovely beaches of Costa Rica.

Helen doesn’t have a glowing tan, lustrous sun-kissed locks, or the perfect surfer girl bikini body. Her mid-section is wildly out of control, she hates her neck, and her boobs are dropping an average of 1.5 centimeters every month. But she’s hoping to change all that when she starts a new juice cleanse next week.  Her favourite board is her Rusty Yes Thanks, and her favourite manoeuver is standing up on it.

Currently she is feeling rudderless and has started to write a blog out of sheer boredom and loneliness. Kookbitches is a blog is about the empowering world of women’s surfing, without the glitter and gloss of Roxy … But it does also cover some superficial issues like hot men, fashion and hair care.

Disclaimer: In case my Aunty Mabel is reading this, any reference to anything racy or remotely sexual is purely from what I’ve heard, and not from direct experience. This blog is not suitable for men, children, my parents, or nuns.


  1. Denise B~

    You taught me to surf 5 yrs ago…You are an awesome teacher and I didn’t realize how f$*#n’ funny you are….I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve read so far!! Keep it up! I hope to get out and surf some more on the Jersey Shore, USA this summer!

    Liked by 1 person

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