I shoved a rubber cup up my vagina, and then I went surfing

I never thought I’d feel so passionately about periods.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about the cramps, bloatedness, diarrhea and general blah-ness that periods bring.  Discovering the menstrual cup was almost life-changing for me.  Ever since then I’ve considered myself something of a menstrual cup missionary, spreading the good news to friends and anyone […]


A Shapely Backside

We can’t all be genetically gifted like rear end royalty Nicki Minaj or Jennifer Lopez. But there’s a lot we can do to improve our backside surfing. The biggest problem with surfing backside is it tends to get ignored, it’s everyone’s achilles heel. Most surfers will select mainly frontside waves because it’s easier and it […]


Surfing lingo I scoff at

Vaya con Dios brah! Just like Eskimos have many different words for snow, surfers have always had different terminology for waves and conditions.  In recent years the women’s surfing industry has begun developing its own language, and Roxy is pioneering the move to get the dialect recognised by the United Nations.  It means more people will understand […]