Surfing Tips


  1. helenbowditch

    hi Emma, your choice of surfboard in the beginning is extremely important because it can make or break your whole experience. You want to choose a board that is big and floaty when you are learning, it is awkward to transport and carry, but the trade off is you will learn much faster and have a much better time.

    Epoxy NSP surfboards are an excellent beginner’s choice because they have a lot of volume and they are very durable and hold their value well. Check out their website The elements and E+ ranges are great. The coco boards are beautiful and light, but I think they are a bit more expensive. The length of board you choose depends a lot on your height and weight and general fitness. But if you are averageish then I would recommend a 9’0.

    If you have access to a surf shop then check out their 2nd hand rack. Sometimes in the beginning it’s better to buy a second hand board. But make sure the surf shop doesn’t try to sell you a ‘performance’ longboard because it will be too thin. If you can then have a go on some rental boards because you will get a feel of what you like. But don’t make the classic beginner’s mistake of buying a board that is easy to carry. Good luck!


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